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Abughalieh N, Le Borgne Y, Nowé A, Steenhaut K. Lifetime Optimization for Sensor Networks with Correlated Data Gathering. In: Altman E, Basar T, Chlamtac I Proceedings of the 7th IEEE Conference on Networked Sensing Systems. Proceedings of the 7th IEEE Conference on Networked Sensing Systems. ; 2010. p. 252 – 258.
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Ben Taieb S. Machine learning strategies for multi-step-ahead time series forecasting.
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Bontempi G. Long Term Time Series Prediction with Multi-Input Multi-Output Local Learning.
Bontempi G. Structural feature selection for wrapper methods.
Bontempi G, Le Borgne Y. An Adaptive Modular Approach to the Mining of Sensor Network Data.
Bontempi G, Caelen O, Goffaux C. On the use of supervised learning techniques to speed up the design of aeronautics components.
Bontempi G, Birattari M, Meyer PE. Combining Lazy Learning, Racing and Subsampling for Effective Feature Selection.
Bontempi G. An optimal stopping strategy for online calibration in local search.


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