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Internship in the Laboratory of Cancer Epigenetics (in collaboration with ULB MLG)
Extracting epigenetic alterations like methylation in breast cancer at the genomic scale is a challenging task especially when those alterations arise in unstudied regions (intergenic regions, inside gene body). New models and methods are required to identify and categorize those alterations. To that aim the teams of Pr. Bontempi and Pr. Fuks collaborate to develop new strategies and algorithms to efficiently and accurately extract methylation and related expression alterations in large data sets of breast cancer tissues.
During the six-week internship, the student will work in the Fuks lab on the use of statistical machine learning techniques to extract methylation signatures from large genomic datasets.
Required expertise: machine learning, bioinformatics, R programming skills
Contact persons:
Matthieu Defrance <>,
Gianluca Bontempi <>




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