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G. Bontempi appointed director of the Interuniversity Institute of Bioinformatics in Brussels


The Interuniversity Institute of Bioinformatics in Brussels is a new interdisciplinary research initiative supported by ULB and VUB universities, to be hosted in the BC building of the ULB La Plaine Campus.

The goal of the (IB)2  is to bring together research groups of the VUB and ULB specialized in bioinformatics analysis of large scale omics data, into an interuniversity, cross-faculty (Medicine, Sciences, and Applied Sciences, of ULB and VUB) laboratory.

The missions of the (IB)2  consist of the following:

  • Design and use of large-scale omics driven bioinformatics, biostatistics and computational biology to achieve a better understanding of the physio- and pathological mechanisms of living organisms.
  • Enable interdisciplinary and interuniversity research collaborations in bioinformatics by providing a physical location for research, meetings, collaborations, seminars as well as high-performance computer facilities, including the ULB-VUB computing center.
  • Allow Technology Transfer through training, education, innovation and collaborations.

The (IB)2  has the ambition to evolve into a competitive structure of scientific excellence, recognized at national and international level.

Gianluca Bontempi (ULB MLG) and Jeroen Raes (VUB VIB) have been appointed director and vice-director of the Institute.


A call for research projects is open. Details in


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