Yann-Aël Le Borgne

Big Data Technologies Horizon Prize for ranking 2nd, EU’s Research and Innovation Programme, Horizon 2020, 12th November 2018, Vienna, Austria.

Souhaib Ben Taieb

IEEE Power & Energy Society Award for ranking 4th, Global Energy Forecasting Competition, 2012

Gianluca Bontempi

Ranked 2nd in International Competition on Time Series organised by International Workshop on Advanced Black-box techniques for nonlinear modeling, Leuven, Belgium, 1998.

Gianluca Bontempi

Runner-up in Third Erudit Data Analysis Competition, Aachen, Germany, 1999


Axel Abels

Best thesis abstract award at the 30th Benelux Conference on Artificial Intelligence (BNAIC 2018), ’s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, 2018

Sofia Papadimitriou

Best Talk award, Benelux Bioinformatics Conference 2017 (BBC17), 13th-14th December 2017, Leuven, Belgium, “Predicting disease-causing variant combinations”

Ashley Conard

RCSB PDB poster prize at ISMB/ECCB 2015

Gianluca Bontempi, Yann-Aël Le Borgne, Jacopo De Stefani

Honorable Mention Research Paper at 2017 IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics  (DSAA ’17)

Tom Lenaerts

Best poster award, European Conference on Computational Biology (ECCB), Ghent, Belgium, 2010

Jacopo De Stefani

Best paper award at MIDAS 2017

Tom Lenaerts

Best poster award, ESTOOL International Scientific Symposium on stem cells in biology and disease, Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, Portugal, 2010

Tom Lenaerts

Most innovative paper award, First Summer school on Computation Intelligence, Limerick, Ireland, 2001

Gianluca Bontempi

Best paper award in Eleventh Belgium-Netherlands Conference on Artificial Intelligence (BNAIC’99), Maastricht, Netherlands


Souhaib Ben Taieb

Solvay Award for his PhD Thesis in Computer Science, 2015

Catharina Olsen

Solvay Award for her PhD Thesis in Computer Science, 2014

Benjamin Haibe-Kains

Solvay Award for his PhD Thesis in Computer Science, 2010

Souhaib Ben Taieb

Solvay Award for his Master Thesis in Computer Science, 2010