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Gian Marco Paldino, M.Sc.² in Computer Science and Engineering from Université Libre de Bruxelles and from Politecnico di Milano, graduated respectively “Grande Distinction” (ULB)  and 110L/110 “with honors” (POLIMI) with the thesis “Incremental Learning for Credit Card Fraud Detection”, focusing on industrial fraud detection in non-stationary environments, concept drift adaptation and transfer learning. Currently enrolled in a PhD program, his research interests are Credit Card Fraud Detection, Automated Machine Learning (AutoML), Time Series Forecasting, Digital Twin, Causality.

General info

Teaching assistant for the following courses (2020/2021):

  • INFO-F-101: Programmation
  • INFO-F-102: Fonctionnement des ordinateurs
  • INFO-F-105: Langages de programmation 1
  • INFO-F-201: Systèmes d’exploitation
  • INFO-F-203: Algorithmique 2
  • INFO-F-307: Génie logiciel et gestion de projets


  • Incremental Learning
  • Credit Card Fraud Detection
  • Automated Machine Learning (AutoML)
  • Time Series Prediction
  • Digital Twin
  • Causality
Selected publications

Does AutoML Outperform Naive Forecasting?
Gian Marco Paldino, Jacopo De Stefani, Fabrizio De Caro, Gianluca Bontempi

Incremental Learning Strategies for Credit Cards Fraud Detection
Authors: Bertrand Lebichot, Gian Marco Paldino, W. Siblini, L. He-Guelton, F. Oble, G. Bontempi