Software & Facilities



R Packages

TCGAbiolinks: An R package to query, download, analyze, visualize, integrate and socialize data from TCGA (development version available from Bioconductor)

D2C: Predicting Causal Direction from Dependency Features (available from CRAN)

unbalanced: R package for learning with unbalanced datasets (available from CRAN)

mRMRe: R package for parallelized mRMR ensemble feature selection (available from CRAN)

predictionet: Inference for predictive networks designed for (but not limited to) genomic data (available from Bioconductor)

sideChannelAttack: Side Channel Attack (available from CRAN)

lazy: Lazy Learning for Local Regression (available from CRAN)

minet: Mutual Information Network Inference (available from CRAN and Bioconductor)

survcomp: Performance Assessment and Comparison for Survival Analysis (available from CRAN )

genefu: Relevant Functions for Gene Expression Analysis, Especially in Breast Cancer (available from CRAN)

Online demos

OpenTed: Insights into European Public Spending

Digest: Distributed Gene & variant Scoring Tool

DIDA: DIgenic diseases DAtabase

LyricsExplorer: A web interface for exploring the lexical fields in English and French songs

ICT4Rehab: Data mining tools for gait analysis in cerebral palsy

Sentiment analysis: Interactive visualisation of user’s sentiments on the European Parliament Facebook page