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  • Proud to be in ULB !

    Let's celebrate !




  • MLG PhD student is part of the winning teams for GEFCOM2012

    Souhaib Ben Taieb ranked fourth in the GEFCOM2012 Load Forecasting competition.

    IEEE PES has recently announced the winning teams :


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  • MLG publication in Scientific Reports

     Conventional wisdom suggests that clear agreements need to be made prior to any collaborative effort in order to avoid potential frustrations for the participants during or at the end of a joint project.  In a mathematical and numerical investigation The Anh Han and Tom Lenaerts (both from VUB and ULB) show, in collaboration with Luís Moniz Pereira and Francisco C. Santos from Portugal, that this behavior may actually have been shaped by natural selection. Moreover, their analysis shows that making prior agreements on the consequences of not honoring a deal provide a more effective road to cooperation than simply punishing bad behavior after the facts, even when there is a cost associated to setting up the agreements.  This work was reported in Nature’s open access journal Scientific Reports:

  • RSG seminar at ULB

    MLG  will host  the second belgian regional student group of bioinformatics seminar (RSG belgium ). It will take place next Wednesday, from 14h to 17h at the Forum A (Campus de La Plaine, ULB).

    The programme of presentations is the following:
    14h00 – 15h00: Prof dr Bontempi G. “From feature selection to causal inference in bioinformatics”
    15h00 – 15h30: dr. Meysman P. “The structural DNA properties of the prokaryotic transcriptional promoter”
    15h45 – 16h15: Otava M. “Random forest for feature selection in the context of microarray experiment”
  • G. Bontempi appointed director of the Interuniversity Institute of Bioinformatics in Brussels


    The Interuniversity Institute of Bioinformatics in Brussels is a new interdisciplinary research initiative supported by ULB and VUB universities, to be hosted in the BC building of the ULB La Plaine Campus.

    The goal of the (IB)2  is to bring together research groups of the VUB and ULB specialized in bioinformatics analysis of large scale omics data, into an interuniversity, cross-faculty (Medicine, Sciences, and Applied Sciences, of ULB and VUB) laboratory.

    The missions of the (IB)2  consist of the following:

    • Design and use of large-scale omics driven bioinformatics, biostatistics and computational biology to achieve a better understanding of the physio- and pathological mechanisms of living organisms.
    • Enable interdisciplinary and interuniversity research collaborations in bioinformatics by providing a physical location for research, meetings, collaborations, seminars as well as high-performance computer facilities, including the ULB-VUB computing center.
    • Allow Technology Transfer through training, education, innovation and collaborations.

    The (IB)2  has the ambition to evolve into a competitive structure of scientific excellence, recognized at national and international level.

    Gianluca Bontempi (ULB MLG) and Jeroen Raes (VUB VIB) have been appointed director and vice-director of the Institute.


    A call for research projects is open. Details in


  • MLG is now also MLGeek

    Spread the news and take part !

  • DI seminar - A gradient boosting approach to the Kaggle load forecasting competition.

    On March 28, 2013 a seminar will be presented by Souhaib Ben Taieb with the title "A gradient boosting approach to the Kaggle load forecasting competition". This seminar will take place on the ULB campus, building NO, Solvay Room (5th floor) at 12:30PM. 

  • Big Data meetup

    The MLG group will host the Bigdata meetup on Solvay room (5th floor). The event is scheduled on March 13, and starts at 19.30. Details can be found here .


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