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+32 2 650 60 04 or +32 650 59 43


I am Professor at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) where I head together with my colleague Gianluca Bontempi the Machine Learning group in the Department of Computer Science. I’m currently the ULB director of the Interuniversity Institute of Bioinformatics in Brussels (IB2).


I hold also a partial affiliation as Research Professor with the Artificial intelligence lab (AI-lab) of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB).


I’m currently Vice Chair of the Benelux Association for Artificial Intelligence (bnvki) and host the Belgian academic AI researcher portal, which aims to connect all AI academics via a single contact point.


My research encompasses interdisciplinary topics ranging from AI, machine learning and behavioural informatics (evolution, network and group formation, emotions, anticipation, …) to computational biology and medicine (metastasis dynamics, protein bioinformatics, molecular communication, oligogenic diseases, medical text mining, …).


More CV related information can be also found via  ORCID  or Linkedin

General info

During the week you can find me in two different locations.  But it is always best to send an email for making an appointment.

Monday : MLG, Campus La Plaine, Building O, room 2.O8.117
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday : IB2, Campus La Plaine, Building C, room 2.C6.107



I’m currently involved in the following courses at the ULB:

INFO-F-208: Introduction à la bioinformatique

INFO-F-409: Learning dynamics  (Computational Game Theory at the VUB)

INFO-F-438: Algorithms in Computational Biology (for master bioinfo students)

INFO-F-530: Computer science seminar




Current project I’m involved in;

1. Analysis of oligogenic diseases using machine learning and other AI techniques (ARC project and FEDER iCity project)

2. Understanding human behaviour in social dilemmas like the prisoners dilemma, public goods games and the collective risk dilemma (FuturICT, FNRS and FWO projects)

3. Evolutionary game theoretical modelling of behaviour (FuturICT, FNRS and FWO projects)

4. Human-AI trust and cooperation (FWO DELICIOS project)

Selected publications

My publications are available via :

Research gate,
Google scholar,
ULB Difusion,


Some recent highlights

In Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

Papadimitriou S., Gazzo A., Versbraegen N., Nachtegael C., Aerts J., Moreau Y., Van Dooren S., Nowé A., Smits G., Lenaerts T. (2019) Predicting disease-causing variant combinations. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA. 116 (24), 11878-11887.


Versbraegen N., Fouché A., Nachtegael C., Papadimitriou S., Gazzo A., Smits G., Lenaerts T.(2019) Using game theory and decision decomposition to effectively discern and characterise bi-locus diseasesArtificial Intelligence in Medicine.  99, 101690.


Renaux A., Papadimitriou S., Versbraegen N., Nachtegael C., Boutry S., Nowé A., Smits G., Lenaerts T. (2019) ORVAL: A novel platform for the prediction and exploration of disease-causing oligogenic variant combinations. Nucleic Acids Research, , 47 : W93–W98.


Nathaniel Mon Père, Tom Lenaerts, Jorge M. Pacheco and David Dingli (2018) Evolutionary dynamics of paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuriaPLoS Computational Biology 14(6): e1006133.


Andrea Gazzo, Daniele Raimondi, Dorien Danneels, Yves Moreau, Guillaume Smits, Sonia Van Dooren and Tom Lenaerts (2017) Understanding mutational effects in digenic diseases. Nucleic Acid Research. 45(15):e140


Claudio Reggiani, Sandra Coppens, Tayeb Sekhara, Ivan Dimov, Bruno Pichon, Nicolas Lufin, Tom Lenaerts, Georges Casimir, Marc Abramowicz, Gianluca Bontempi, Catheline Vilain, Nicolas Deconinck and Guillaume Smits (2017) Novel promoters and coding first exons in DLG2 linked to Developmental Disorders and Intellectual Disability Genome Medicine 9(1):67


Andrea M. Gazzo, Dorien Daneels, Elisa Cilia, Maryse Bonduelle, Marc Abramowicz, Sonia Van Dooren, Guillaume Smits and Tom Lenaerts (2015) DIDA: a curated and annotated digenic diseases databaseNucleic Acid Research. 44(D1):D900-D907


Radu Huculeci, Elisa Cilia, Lieven Buts, Klaartje Houben, Nico van Nuland and Tom Lenaerts (2016) Dynamically coupled residues within the SH2 domain of FYN are key to unlock its activityStructure 24(11):1947-1959


In AI/Behavioral intelligence

Abels, A., Roijers, D., Lenaerts, T., Nowé, A., & Steckelmacher, D. (2019, May). Dynamic Weights in Multi-Objective Deep Reinforcement Learning. In International Conference on Machine Learning (pp. 11-20).


The Anh Han, Luis Moniz Pereira and Tom Lenaerts. Modelling and Influencing the AI Bidding War: A Research Agenda. AAAI/ACM Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and Society.  p.5-11 Honoloulou, Hawai, USA. 2019.


L. M. Pereira, T. Lenaerts, L. A. Martinez-Vaquero, T. A. Han (2017) Evolutionary Game Theory Modelling of Guilt. In Procs. Symposium on Computational Modelling of Emotion: Theory and Applications organized at Artificial Intelligence and Simulated Behaviour (AISB) pp. 189-192


E. Fernandez-Domingos, Burguillo-Rial, J. C., & Lenaerts, T. (2017). Reactive Versus Anticipative Decision Making in a Novel Gift-Giving Game. In Proceedings of the 31st AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), pages 4399-4405, San Francisco, US.


E. Fernandez-Domingos, Burguillo-Rial, J. C., Nowe, A., & Lenaerts, T. (2017). Coordinating Human and Agent Behavior in Collective-Risk Scenarios. In Proceedings of the 31st AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), pages 4919-4920, San Francisco, US.


The Anh Han, Luís Moniz Pereira and Tom Lenaerts (2016) Evolution of commitment and Level of Participation in Public Goods games. Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems 31(3):561-583


Luis A. Martinez-Vaquero, The Anh Han, Luís Moniz Pereira and Tom Lenaerts (2015) Apology and forgiveness evolve to resolve failures in cooperative agreements. Scientific Reports 5: 10639.


Ioannis Zisis, Sibilla Di Guida, The Anh Han, Georg Kirchsteiger and Tom Lenaerts (2015) Generosity motivated by acceptance –evolutionary analysis of an anticipation game. Scientific Reports 5:18076.