Brussels MOBI-AID : Brussels MOBIlity Advanced Indicators Dashboard

Brussels MOBI-AID (Brussels MOBIlity-Advanced Indicators Dashboard) aims at designing and building this performance monitoring system, by means of a dashboard of advanced mobility indicators that will allow


(1) to better understand mobility dynamics in Brussels Region,

(2) to support local authorities in designing suitable and sustainable policies,

(3) to assist Brussels, capital of Europe, to be recognized as a model of a Smart Region.


The transition from the current model to a Smart Region model raises a number of non-trivial challenges, which range from reliable storage of, and easy access to, massive amounts of mobility data, to extracting sustainable mobility indicators in an automated and validated manner and to actioning the extracted indicators in a dashboard. We expect that Brussels MOBI-AID by making mobility smarter and more sustainable in Brussels Region will provide many valorisation pathways as it will provide an open data platform with smart data on mobility.


Online MOBI-AID DEMO Dashboard:

Interactive Dashboard displaying statistical insights about Heavy Good Vehicles (HGVs) in Brussels Capital Region (BCR). Three different sections are made available to the user:

  • Index – to visualise for each hour in the day how many trucks are in BCR (driving, loading/unloading goods, etc.) and the MAM class they belong to,
  • Dashboard – to show which is the commune in BCR having the highest percentage of HGVs in a particular hour of the day,
  • Charts – to have a general view of the HGVs’ daily trend in BCR and in each commune.

> YouTube Video: The 7th IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics (DSAA2020) – Special Session: Environmental and Geo-spatial Data Analytics. VIDEO DSAA2020

Researchers involved:

PhD. Giovanni Buroni – MLG – Computer Science Department, ULB.

PhD. Sheida Hadavi – MOBI – Mobility, Logistics and Automative Technology Research Centre, VUB.



Prof. Gianluca Bontempi – MLG – Computer Science Department, ULB.
Prof. Cathy Macharis,  Prof. Wouter Verbeke – Faculty of Economic, Social and Political Sciences and Solvay Business School, MOBI Research Group, VUB.

> YouTube Video: Machine Learning Group MLG, ULB.  VIDEO MLG


FEDER, European Union.